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Seattle Learning Center was established by Lily Talley in 2009. It started as a half-day preschool program sharing a space with a martial arts school.  It moved to its current space at 115 Boston Street in January of 2011.  In 2014, the infant and toddler center at Montlake was opened.

The owner and director, Miss Lily has been working in England as a school teacher before she moved to Seattle to be with her husband.  She worked as a nanny for two young children after moving to Seattle.   That is when she realized that early childhood education is her passion.

Seattle Learning Center is a play based school that pursues quality early childhood education. Our teachers are passionate about inspiring a creative learning environment, developing children’s social/emotional, physical and cognitive skills, and promoting physical activity at an early age. All of our lead teachers are highly educated with bachelor degrees and/or Child Development Associate degrees.

Both our Queen Anne/Montlake schools have passed the Washington State Early Achievers Standards and are registered Early Achievers Centers.

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