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Tuition Schedule

Rates increases happen yearly every September.

Absences/Vacation Credit

Because the Center operates on a monthly budget with expenses that occur whether or not an individual child is present, we cannot give tuition discounts due to illness, holidays or vacations.

Automatic Payments

Automatic bill pay through your bank is required for tuition payments. A late fee will be applied after the 5 day grace period.

Queen Anne tuition checks can be mailed to:

115 Boston Street

Seattle, WA 98109

Montlake tuition checks can be mailed to:

2734 Montlake Blvd E

Seattle, WA 98112

Full-day Programs Monthly Tuition Rates QUEEN ANNE:

School Year 2017-2018 (Sep-Aug)

Age Group 5x/week 4x/week 3x/week 2x/week
Rainbow Room (5x/week only)

1 year by 8/31/16

Sunshine Room:

2 years by 8/31/16

1:4.5 Teacher Student Ratio

$2,132 N/A N/A N/A
Garden Room:

3 years by 8/31/16

1:5 Teacher Student Ratio

$2,031 $1,654 $1,414 $961
Treehouse Room:

4 years by 8/31/16

1:6.5 Teacher Student Ratio

$1,931 $1,578 $1,277 $875

*Age requirement exceptions are for current students only.*


Full-day/Full-time Programs Monthly Tuition Rates MONTLAKE:

School Year 2017-2018 (Sep-Aug)

Age Group 5x/week
Toddler Room $2,200
Infant Room $2,338


*We currently do not accept DSHS subsidies.*