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Infant and Toddler Program Montlake



Infant Program
For children ages 3 to 14 months (approximate):
RATIO two teachers for 7 infants (1:3.5)

Toddler Program
For children ages 14 to 35 months:
RATIO three teachers for 14 toddlers (1:5)

Our curriculum is “relationship-based”.  We study and follow the teachings of Magda Gerber and use the RIE “educaring” approach when caring for infants and toddlers in our program.  RIE stands for Resources for Infant Educarers.  www.rie.org

All of our classrooms follow the Washington State Early Achievers standards. Our classroom environments include the following centers:

  • Fine Motor
  • Block Center
  • Art
  • Dramatic Play
  • Science/Math
  • Reading/Cozy Corner
  • Music
  • Gross Motor

Throughout these centers, children are able to explore and discover concepts such as number recognition, counting, matching, letter recognition, sounds, rhyming, and much more through free play.

Our infants and toddlers play outside daily, weather permitting.  A variety of equipment is provided for children to develop their bodies and coordination with climbing, crawling, and sliding.  Tricycles, cars, hula hoops, a big sandbox, building blocks, sidewalk chalk, and sports equipment develop gross and fine motor skills.