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Mission Statement

The mission of Seattle Learning Center is to provide an exciting learning environment for preschool age children.  Our focus is to encourage creativity through play and physical activity.  We aim to inspire children to be life-long learners and establish a cooperative relationship between parents and staff.

Seattle Learning Center is committed to:

  • Providing a safe learning environment.
  • Providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum that is stimulating, educational, and creative.
  • Providing plenty of opportunities for children to move to encourage physical activity through free play, structured gymnastics class, music, and movement activities.
  • Serving healthy meals that are mostly organic or locally sourced.

Our Center is a play based school. We believe that play and learning are two things that ALWAYS come together. The role of the teacher at SLC is to scaffold the play of children, not to direct the child to learn. We believe that children are capable beings who can choose what they want to learn about and discover.  The goal of our center is to help young children develop a love for learning. We offer activities that foster literacy and numeracy skills through play rather than through worksheets.

We offer music class twice a month and gym class twice a week at SLC. Our gym classes will develop you children’s gross motor skills and also teach your children team work, sportsmanship, discipline, and respect.  Research has shown that exercise improves learning.  We believe that teaching children how to exercise at a young age will help enhance their learning now and the future.

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