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“My son Connor has really taking great strides since being at SLC, In only 9 months, His ability to control his emotions and use his words to express himself has improved dramatically, as well as his reading, writing and math skills which will serve him well heading into Kindergarten. I am very pleased with his progress through the play based curriculum that the SLC adheres to and recommend it anyone.”

-Daniel, SLC Queen Anne Dad

“My husband and I have just been thrilled by everything we’ve seen at SLC – the care you provide for the children every day, the thoughtful development philosophy you practice and how clear you are about what the research shows helps kids develop, the support you’ve provided me as a parent when I’ve had questions, and the obvious care you put into communicating and fostering open dialogue with parents.  I just want you to know how much this means to our family, and how much we value the SLC approach and community.  Thank you thank you for doing the work you do, and for the tremendous care you provide our son every day!”

-Elisa, SLC Queen Anne Mom

“We have two boys who have both been at SLC Montlake since they were 12 weeks old. My older son (who is now 2.5) even asks to go to daycare on the weekend! My younger son, now 8 months, is thriving there as well. In both the infant and toddler rooms, the teachers make the kids feel at home — providing a loving mix of affection and education. The kids are stimulated, happy, encouraged to learn, and allowed to be themselves. The classroom and outdoor spaces are small and cozy. To my sons, these areas provide endless entertainment with their friends! Deciding where to send your kids for 8 hours a day can be challenging and fraught with anxiety. I am so happy to have my kids at SLC! I feel confident in the my children’s care, safety, and development. I only wish that they expanded to age 5 so my kids could stay longer at this center location! “
-Caryl and Dan, SLC Montlake Parents


“Lily has built a great program with the appropriate amount of structure, play, physical activity, healthy food, great teachers and feedback. I appreciate the time the school takes to perform parent/teacher conferences and give feedback on social and emotional learning as well as listen and respond to my concerns and requests for making this a great experience for my daughter. As a family, we have appreciated and enjoyed together the great photos posted on Shutterfly by the teachers. In the 17+ months my child has attended here, she has never had a day that she didn’t want to go to school and her happiness speaks loudly to me. Overall, I have nothing but praise for how SLC has become a part of our family and look forward to our youngest child attending preschool here in the future.”
-Toni, SLC Mom

“Deciding on a preschool for your children can be very challenging, but with options like Seattle Learning Center, the decision is easy. My 2 daughters have attended the school for the past 2 1/2 years and we could not be happier. In fact, we recently moved about 20 minutes away and have decided to keep the kids enrolled at SLC because we are so happy with it…they would have been devastated if they had to leave. The school had the unique opportunity to move into a space that could be built out and designed to suit their needs which allowed each classroom to be equipped with sinks, storage cubbies and plenty of room for all their necessary supplies. The school is well maintained, organized, and stocked with art supplies, imaginary play stations, books etc. There is a strong focus on physical activity and they even bring in a college student/athlete from Seattle Pacific University to teach the kids gymnastics on a weekly basis! The teachers truly love their jobs and seem to have an excellent connection with their students. The founder and owner, Lily Talley, has done an amazing job of hiring these great teachers and actively takes classes to ensure she and her staff are up to date on new learning strategies that can help the children. My kids have grown leaps and bounds as a result of their time spent at SLC and we couldn’t ask for a better pre-school.”
-Julia, SLC Mom

“I have two children, ages 6 and 3. We choose Seattle Learning Center because it is close to our home and work, and we really connected with the school philosophy and setting. Our 6 year old, now a Kindergartener, started at SLC when he was 3.5 years old. Our son participated in the full-day Pre-K class for 2 years. The teachers and curriculum were amazing! Our son was well prepared for Kindergarten, both emotionally and developmentally. Our daughter, started in the full-day Infant class when she turned 1 year old. She continues to enjoy her time at SLC, moving through the Toddler class, and now in the full-day Preschool. Every teacher she’s had, has made a tremendous impact on her life. The education is superior, along with a great balance of fun and activities. The owner/director, Miss Lily, is a great partner with the parents as well – she is hands-on, open to feedback, and accessible anytime. We are thrilled with choosing Seattle Learning Center!”
-Jennifer, SLC Mom

“Over the last two and a half years, I have recommended Seattle Learning Center (SLC) a number of times to families. As an extension of our family, SLC has done so much to exercise my daughter’s mind and body as she learns valuable social skills. SLC’s owner/director, Lily Talley, has a knack for selecting some of the best teachers. SLC’s bright, vibrant, and loving staff are what distinguishes school from other pre-Ks and daycares. The teacher’s daily notes and responsive emails are just a few ways that show how much they care. Somehow Miss Lily and the teachers manage to meet the individual needs of each family, while creating a warm, cohesive environment in their well-maintained facility. I love how the school takes advantage of the nearby parks, playgrounds and library. We hope that Alex’s K-8 years are as positive as her time at SLC!”
-Catherine, SLC Mom

“I have been meaning to post a recommendation for Seattle Learning Center preschool that my daughter just started in last week. She is just 2 and we’ve been on many wait lists for a long time so I was thrilled to find out about a new option nearby, and once I visited I knew it would be a great fit. She is having a wonderful time and the teachers are so caring and supportive. I couldn’t have asked for a better place for us to start her in this new experience. It’s bright, clean, well supplied, with a great balance of books, toys, art supplies to expand their creative, cognitive and language abilities, as well as a great play space that is used to further develop coordination, physical agility and confidence. Something that I hadn’t really seen before but the kids LOVE it!”
-Audrey, SLC Mom

“My daughter is 2yrs and LOVES it. She is always talking about school and the teachers, who are definitely nurturing and, without a doubt, have the children’s best interest at heart.
Every time I pick up my daughter I am amazed at what new things they were exposed to that day. Also great at enforcing clean up, manners, how to treat others, etc.”
-Monisha, SLC Mom



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